Rachel May

Senator Rachel May (SD-53) announced that the Senate will be holding a regional hearing at 9 a.m. Feb. 21, 2019, on the Climate & Community Protection Act. As a co-sponsor of this legislation and member of the Environmental Conservation Committee, May said she feels very strongly that Central and Western New York must have the opportunity to weigh in on this important bill.

The act intends to tackle the effects of climate change by drastically cutting greenhouse gases, diverting the state’s energy reliance to renewable sources and creating green jobs in an effort to promote environmental justice across New York state.

“Central and Western New York feel the impacts of climate change every day and we, as legislators, should make every effort to include as many voices as possible when crafting this law,” said May.

“Changes from the CCPA will be far-reaching and felt in all corners of our communities. Our region of the state is home to some of the world’s largest freshwater lakes and fertile farm lands, but is also home to very vulnerable communities that will be severely impacted by climate change. Upstate voices must be included at every step of the way as we work to adapt to climate disruption and ensure a resilient future for all New Yorkers.”

The hearing will be held at SUNY-ESF Gateway Center, 1 Forestry Drive, Syracuse; those wishing to testify are asked to RSVP to bumpus@nysenate.gov.

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