Photo of 57 Eagles who attended the dinner, from right are: Top/5th Row:  Jonathan Noble, A. John Beach, David Peterson II, Justin Vellone, Zachary Deering, Luke Gregory, Alex Martin, Vincent Vannicola, Michael Bartkowiak, Kyle Fresne, Harley Kohl, Stephen Zuchowski, Kyle Waldeck, Ben Fuller; 4th Row: Tyler Colvin, Anthony Casarotti, Paul Gates, James Lanious, Daniel Borner, Matt Grogan, Spencer Hawes, Scott Baron, Adam Coleman, Ross Braue, Lucas Bruzgulis, Zachary Bixby, Jonathan Becker, Brandon Swart, Andrew Sparks; Middle/3rd Row: Kenneth Holmes, Joshua Coughlin, Zachary Blanks, Cody Johnson, Jacob Palmer, Matthew Silver, Gregory Malowicki, Jeffrey Pickett, Nick Scoones, Jacob Wimmer, Bret Totten, Corey Pardee, Nick Spudie; 2nd Row: Bryce Wing, Tyler Feldman, Michael Tamburrino, Anthony Pandolfo, Jonathan Franz, Anthony Cappelli, Nate Laymon, Ryan Smith; Bottom/1st Row: Kendall Kent, Christopher Morreall, Joshua Rowlands, John Obernessor, Dan Hamlin, Shane Briggs.

2012_Eagle_Recognition_Dinner for web(Utica, NY, Dec. 27, 2012) On Thursday Dec. 27 at Harts Hill Inn, the Revolutionary Trails Council, Boy Scouts of America celebrated the accomplishments of 129 Scouts, who over the past two years earned the Eagle badge, the highest rank possible in Scouting.

Utica City Court Judge, the Honorable Ralph Eannace, thanked the Eagles on behalf of the Community for all their leadership and service, and asked them to continue to make a difference in solving problems throughout our region and in our community.

The key note speech was delivered by motivational speaker, Tim Skjellerup, who is a Marine and a Tiger Cub den leader in Sauquoit. Skjellerup encouraged the new Eagles to utilize their network, seek out mentors and, above all, to be true to their core values and their moral compass.

The Eagles received special recognition certificates from The White House, FBI, and The American Legion for completing community service projects that account for over 17,000 hours.  In addition, they met with a number of business leaders to explore careers in the fields of biology/medicine, engineering, finance, nature conservancy, computer technology, and law/criminal justice.

Each Eagle spoke about their project and the organization it benefitted.  Some of these significant projects completed include: repairing bridges, ramps, decks and railings at the Utica Zoo, refurbishing closets for Camp Lookout, constructing handicap accessible ramps, and building memorials for veterans.  Here is a full list of the community service projects each Eagle Scout performed.



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