Eagle Scout Completes Community Service Project in Rome

The first photo is of Cameron DuPont and his grandfather Richard Bailey working on the blueprints for the picnic tables and trying to make the first prototype.

The second photo is one of Cameron’s picnic tables.Cameron Dupont and GrandfatherCameron DuPont Picnic TableCameron DuPont-Ed BaileyCameron Dupont-Ed Bailey-Richard Bailey

The third photo is of Cameron DuPont and his uncle Ed Bailey building a picnic table.

The last photo from left to right is of Cameron DuPont, Ed Bailey, and Richard Bailey working on the project.

(Rome, NY – March 2013) The Delta Lake State Park now has six newly installed picnic tables thanks to Cameron DuPont, 17, of Rome. It was his Eagle Scout project. Through the delegation of his team and determination, his project was a success, and fulfills the community service requirement needed for advancing to Eagle Scout rank. Eagle is the pinnacle of achievement and leadership in Scouting.

When asked about his project DuPont said, “Being a leader really showed me what responsibility is. I learned all of the aspects of directing and focusing on multiple tasks at once. Many people were willing to help me and I’m grateful for that. ”

DuPont and his team of Scouts, parents, and adult leaders gathered all the necessary materials and worked diligently on the picnic tables and landscaping project for several weeks. DuPont is especially thankful for the dedication and hard work of his grandfather, Rich Bailey, his father, Michael DuPont, and his uncle, Ed Bailey. All of the materials were funded by the Delta Lake State Park. The project totaled at almost $300.

Achieving Eagle rank is never easy, but for every Scout that receives his badge, it is a defining moment he will remember for the rest of his life. When asked about what being an Eagle means to him, DuPont said, “Being an Eagle means that I can do anything I put my mind to and that there is constantly room for improvement in my character. I have learned the benefits of hard work, leadership and good communication skills. I also learned how to delegate other people in order to be more efficient. I’m proud to be an Eagle Scout and I believe that it will help me accept leadership in the workforce and benefit my future career. ”

DuPont currently attends Rome Free Academy. In the fall he plans to attend Monroe Community College to study economics.

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