(Town of Onondaga, NY – March 30, 2013) Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin E. Walsh reported this afternoon that a Baldwinsville man led Sheriff’s Deputies on a vehicle pursuit through the Town of

Onondaga and Town of Camillus, after it was reported that the operator of the vehicle had just committed a burglary.

Sheriff’s Deputies responded to 4254 Norton Road, in the Town of Onondaga regarding a burglary in progress. The caller reporting the burglary, Richard Kelsey from Kirkville, reported that he had just confronted a male suspect that was in his uncle’s residence at 4254 Norton Road.

Kelsey reported that he had arrived at the residence to check on it when he discovered an unidentified car in the driveway. When Kelsey went in to the residence he discovered a man inside and confronted him. The suspect attempted to leave however was initially stopped by Kelsey. The man fought and struggled with Kelsey throughout the house. Kelsey stopped trying to prevent the man from leaving and went outside to get the license plate of the car in the driveway and called 911.

While in the process of calling 911, the male suspect left the residence and entered his 2002 Volkswagen and left the area. Deputy E. DeCook spotted the suspect’s vehicle near Velasko Road and attempted to initiate a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle when the suspect sped away.

DeCook attempted to follow the suspect vehicle but lost sight of the vehicle near Camillus. The suspect vehicle was spotted on Clark Lane in Camillus. The suspect vehicle continued on to W. Genesee Street and headed eastbound. Sheriff patrol deputies and Camillus Police officers were able to get behind the suspect vehicle as it proceeded east on W. Genesee Street. Due to congested traffic at the intersection of W. Genesee Street and Scott Ave, the suspect jumped over the parking barriers at Kinney Drugs, which result in all four of the suspect’s vehicle tires blowing out.

The suspect attempted to flee on foot but was quickly taken in to custody by Sheriff’s Deputies and Camillus Police Officers.

The suspect was identified as John A. DePalma, 48, of 7752 Morgan Road, Baldwinsville. Due to injuries sustained in the altercation with Kelsey he was transported to University Hospital by WAVES ambulance for evaluation. Kelsey was slightly injured during the altercation with DePalma but refused treatment.

Upon his release from University Hospital DePalma will be charged with burglary and numerous vehicle and traffic charges and will be arraigned in the Town of Onondaga.

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