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(Cazenovia, NY – Oct. 2015) I’m an old white guy. I’ve been a registered Republican since I quit peace marching in Washington and started my business. I should be supporting the Republican candidate for Madison County judge. His supporters include lawyers that have represented me in obtaining a DBA, a divorce and an adoption. Another was a customer, and another a golf acquaintance at Seven Oaks.

But I’m supporting Kathy Rapasadi, and I am doing this enthusiastically.

I have known about Rapasadi for years, but only met her last Monday night. I know about her diligent work on behalf of clients and the people of Madison County. The most important role, in my opinion, of a county judge is family court. There, the kids who are in trouble, or surrounded by trouble, are tumbled into the legal system. They rely on judges to remove them from dangerous homes and parents. They also need judges to try to keep other families intact. It is both sides of the same coin, but relies on more than a simple toss.

This is where Ms. Rapasadi’s true experience becomes important. Seventeen years as an assistant district attorney, more than two decades in private practice, and, yes, it’s also where her being a woman is important.

As a conservative Republican, I fume every time a liberal plays the “war on women” card, but in this election, the “inexperience card” is being played on both women on the ballot.

My life is filled with strong women. I am glad that I have had the pleasure to meet one more. Vote for the qualified candidate, Kathleen Rapasadi.

Richard Brown, Cazenovia

By martha

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