FPB 4-6-15 Frank Fritz Mike GabeFritz’s Polka Band (left to right): Frank Nelson, Fritz Scherz, Mike Faraino, and Gabe Vaccaro.

(Verona, NY – April 2015) Fritz’s Polka Band (FPB) from Verona recently announced that they’re now sponsored by Coldcock Whiskey, an American herbal flavored whiskey produced by Zeiler Spirits LLC (owned by co-founders, Rick and Sarah Zeiler).

Prior to this new sponsorship, FPB was sponsored by Jagermeister for more than 12 years.

“My band had a great run with Jagermeister and we thank them for a fabulous 12+ years that featured FPB items including three CDs, four posters, two banners, two t-shirt designs, two shot glass designs, two match book designs and more,” said Fritz Scherz, band leader of Fritz’s Polka Band. “We’re excited about this new opportunity with Coldcock Whiskey as Rick Zeiler was the

mastermind behind the Jager band program that FPB had been part of. Also, during our time with Jager, we worked closely with Adam Grayer, who was Jager’s marketing/band coordinator and was the person who called me in 2002 offering my band a sponsorship from Jager. Adam is now with Coldcock Whiskey and we look forward to working with him as well as Rick once again as they’ve believed in us for many years, Being an American herbal flavored whiskey, Coldcock Whiskey’s carving out its own niche in the alcoholic beverage industry, much as the way FPB has done for 36+ years in the music industry. Although my band has the word ‘polka’ in its name, we never wanted to be limited to only that genre when it comes to performing, as we love playing an eclectic mix of tunes. Here’s hoping for bigger and better things from Fritz’s Polka Band and Coldcock Whiskey! Cheers!”

For FPB info, view the band’s website:  www.fritzspolkaband.com

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