Local Artist Collective Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary


(Utica, NY- Dec. 2013) Direkt Influence, a Utica-based collective of musicians and artists responsible for events like the annual Utica Zombie Walk is celebrating its ten year anniversary. To mark the occasion, the group’s organizers decided to overhaul their mission statement to better represent Direkt Influence.

When the four original members of Direkt Influence formed a deejay crew in 2004 to throw underground dance parties, they didn’t possess the foresight the group would grow to over fifteen members. With the expansion came a change in group dynamics, including an influx of new ideas, personalities, and talents. As a result, the focus shifted from dance music to a much broader spectrum of artistic endeavors; including zombie walks, film production, decoration, craft vending, graphic design, and even a weekly FM radio show.

“Each member brings something unique to the table, and everyone contributes what they can. That is the mission of Direkt Influence, to collaborate and focus our artistic visions to achieve a greater influence on our audience.” said group member, Kyle Riecker, who goes by the moniker Planemo. “The term ‘crew’ no longer describes our group accurately, so we have decided to revamp our mission statement and reevaluate the artistic direction of our organization.” Riecker said.

The group is still expanding, too. Most recently, Craig Blask, known in the house music world as DJ Phigment, joined Direkt Influence. Coming from a family of musicians, Blask brings years of experience in music production and sound engineering to the table.  He has performed and provided sound for various Direkt Influence events in Utica since 2009.

“D.I. has supported me since they began, and I see joining the group as an affirmation to continue sharing music that I love.” Blask said.

Phigment will be performing at Direkt Influence’s New Year’s Eve event, along with several other Direkt Influence artists, which will take place at The Dev in downtown Utica. Tickets are $5 at the door, and ages 21 and over are welcome to attend.

About Direkt Influence

Direkt Influence is a collective of artists, musicians, MCs, promoters and designers based in Utica, NY. They do not operate as a corporate entity, but rather as like-minded individuals seeking to network and collaborate. They believe that working together with a positive attitude will produce a greater influence than by working separately. Through this philosophy they intend to build, establish and maintain a sustainable culture of artistic expression and dance music in Central New York and beyond.


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