The Courier accepted letters of support, letters of introduction, guest columns on platforms/issues through midnight Nov. 1; we will work to get them posted by midnight Sunday, Nov. 5.

Thank you to everyone who wrote to support their candidates.

We will begin accepting thank you letters immediately following the election.

For more information, email MadNews@m3pmedia.com […]

Support for Good Government on November 7, 2017

To the Editor:

I was a member of the Hamilton Town Council from 2010 to 2013. I served with Peter Darby from 2010 to 2013 and with Supervisor Eve Ann Shwartz from 2012 to 2013. During my four-year term, Don Haight was the town justice.

Working with these fine public servants has shown me what […]

LETTER: Supports Swartz and Darby for Hamilton supervisor, council

To the Editor:

Volunteer Ambulances across New York state are facing the challenge of decreasing numbers of volunteers. Many towns were forced to provide funding for paid staff or lose their service. When SOMAC approached this situation, the Hamilton Town Board agreed to help financially support SOMAC, ensuring our residents and visitors would be well-served.


LETTER: Vote for Ann Jones for clerk

To the Editor:

For 30-plus years, I have watched Ann Jones hone her education and experience in preparation of becoming the only candidate for the Office of Madison County Clerk with the qualifications, motivation, innovation and temperament to successfully hold this position. Some of that preparation includes:

Her education includes a bachelor’s degree in education […]

LETTER: Vote for John Ball for Madison County Sheriff

To the Editor: As the Madison County Sheriff, Al Riley brought new and exciting changes and improvements to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, increasing their standing in the law enforcement community and earning recognition beyond the state, recognition within New York and the respect of other counties. It shouldn’t be lost on people that he […]

GUEST COLUMN: The importance of studying the ballot

By Wanda Warren Berry

Thank you, Madison County Courier, for attempting to publish the ballots for the Nov. 7 elections. They did not open well on my equipment, but you stimulated a visit to the Board of Elections website madisoncounty.ny.gov/1547/Board-of-Elections, where I could find the ballot for my town, as well as a […]

COLUMN: Musings of a Simple Country Man

Hobie Morris

Pull for the Shores: And Other Water Stories

In late October our much beloved Baptist Pastor Mark will fully immerse in the historic Brookfield church lukewarm baptistery three excited “candidates.” (As one pastor said, “we want to baptize them, not cook them.”) Baptism, in the religions I am familiar with , a […]

LETTER: Supports Jones for clerk

To the Editor:

Ann Jones offers many years of experience specifically relevant to the responsibilities of the Office of the County Clerk in Wampsville. Many of us have observed Ann’s ability to oversee complex projects at the same time as she volunteers in her community and cares for her family.

We may not also know […]

LETTER: Supports Shwartz for Hamilton supervisor

To the Editor:

I am writing to show my support for Eve Ann Shwartz, Democratic candidate for town of Hamilton supervisor.

As a parent, resident of the town of Hamilton, Sherburne Earlville School Board member and neighbor, I feel confident expressing my full support of her candidacy. Eve Ann has proven that she can work […]

LETTER: To the residents of the town of Madison

To the Editor:

As you know, election day is not far away. You, the residents of the town of Madison, have been very kind and supportive to me over the past elections. I’ve been proud to serve our community over the years and have always tried to serve with integrity and honesty.

This year I […]

LETTER: Supports Darby for Hamilton council

To the Editor:

I have written this letter to express my endorsement of Peter Darby for Hamilton Town Council.

I have known Peter since 1982. Peter raised Welsh Black cattle and as a middle and high school student, I helped him around his farm and home; throwing hay, fixing fence, and doing chores. I remember […]

LETTER: Supports Jones for Madison County clerk

To the Editor:

A vote for Ann Jones for Madison County Clerk is a vote for the citizens of Madison County. Ann Jones knows Madison County! She knows its history, its geography, its demographics, its towns, its events, its roads, and, most importantly, she knows and likes its people.

And Madison County people know Ann.