COLUMN: A Confederate Yankee

Bill Mayers

Lela Marie (Tarbox) Blanford, Feb 20, 1920 – April 4, 2017. Mother of four, mother-in-law, grandmother of nine, great-grandmother of two and great-great-grandmother of two. She passed peacefully right round 11:30 that morning, with a number of family at her bedside. Ma was mentally sharp almost to the end. She knew what […]

COLUMN: Musings of a Simple Country Man

Hobie Morris

Our water: dinosaurs to Brookfield

Water flows through the Bible 722 times.

When the well runs dry, we know the worth of water. — Benjamin Franklin

The golden age of water, free and abundant, is over — Charles Fishman, “The Big Thirst”

For most Americans turning on the faucet brings safe, clean […]

LETTER: Constituents active and informed; representatives need to listen

To the Editor: I don’t think that the Republicans in Congress really understand what’s going on. I think that they have deluded themselves into thinking that they are beloved by their constituents and that those constituents will just turn a blind eye to their behavior out of affection or disinterest. That may have been true […]

LETTER: Learn about Madison County’s homeless population

To the editor: If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:17-18, NIV Every day, Karing Kitchen realizes […]

COLUMN: From Here and Back Again

Jim Coufal

Red States, Blue States: Boo Hoo for Family Values States There are many maps showing the U.S. by red and blue states. They vary by the criteria used, but there is great consistency in showing most of the south, some heartland and some western states as red states. Blue states are […]

COLUMN: From Here and Back Again

Jim Coufal

Our Friend, the Republican Party, Part 2.

As follow-up to Part 1, here are more state-level Republican actions that have taken place since Part 1 appeared. Keep in mind the Republican Party asserts it is the party of smaller, less-intrusive governing, as well as that of family values. 1. Oklahoma state […]

LETTER: Supports Tenney

To the editor: There seems to be an unprecedented push for Town-Hall type gatherings as of late. I totally understand the frustration with the Government, we’ve all been frustrated for years. What is perplexing is why is the outcry here in New York State coming from the Left and being focused at a freshman in […]

LETTER: Cat Blanket Sue

To the editor:

Fifteen years ago there was an ad in the newspaper asking for people willing to knit or crochet blankets for cats in shelters. Sue had been making blankets for years and needed both blanket makers and yarn donations.

I like to crochet and am a cat lover so I answered the ad. […]

LETTER: Responds to recent articles regarding immigration

To the Editor: My grandfather Albert Joseph Bialek came to the United States from Poland {Galicia} in 1910. Per the Ellis Island website he boarded the ship Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse in Bremen, Germany {formerly Prussia}. He had just completed his service in the Austrian Army. Poland at that time was divided into three spheres […]

LETTER: Thank you to all our Election Day inspectors

To the Editor:

While much of election administration operates largely behind the scenes, Election Day Inspectors are very much out front on Election Day working directly with voters. Election Day Inspectors work hard to make sure people are in the correct polling place, help voters with registration, and take the needed steps to ensure voters […]

COLUMN: From Here and Back Again

Jim Coufal

Our Friend, The Republican Party I was a registered Republican for many years. It was a slow epiphany, but over a year ago I realized I wasn’t leaving the Republican Party, it had left me. So I made the clean break and dropped my registration. Why did I do this? At […]

LETTER: An open letter to the community

To the Editor: Many of us spent last week preparing for SuperBowl Sunday. We ordered our meat, veggie or fruit trays. We chose our favorite drinks, planned our appetizers, picked out our chips and dip. But what we may have forgotten are the less fortunate, the hungry in our community who must make difficult […]