COLUMN: A Confederate Yankee

The United States is at war. Combatants are within and without. The alarming aspect is that few of our fellow citizens realize it and the profound threat it represents. America has been at this level of turmoil in the past, but each time we managed to come out ahead – by the skin of our […]

Lukaske issues statement on healthcare market cost hikes for 2018

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesman Evan Lukaske issued the following statement in response to projected health care premium increases for 2018:

“President Trump’s brazen sabotage of the American health care system is leading to skyrocketing premiums and serious pain for hardworking families. To be clear, Representative Tenney owns this disaster along with the Administration, as […]

Thank you from Peterboro

To the editor:

The committee for Peterboro Hometown Day would like to thank all our vendors and exhibitors for making the day a successful event. We are grateful to all the local companies and individuals that supported our door prizes to benefit the Smithfield Fire Department.

The Fire Department sold out of their chicken barbeque. […]

Stirpe: Drone films and craft beer competitions add fun to New York State Fair

Al Stirpe

One of Central New York’s – and New York State’s – most exciting traditions is the Great New York State Fair. This year, with one day added, visitors can attend the fair between Aug. 23 and Sept. 4, giving us all more time to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and fun it […]

LETTER: Challenging Magliocca for supervisor

To the Editor:

“The right to own property is the most fundamental and important civil right. Without property rights, there is no freedom.” – John Adams, Founding Father and 2 nd U.S. President

Our founding fathers took a stance that owning property was a right. Today, our rights are still protected under the Bill of […]

LETTER: How can we trust Trump?

To the Editor:

How can we trust Trump? I’m 100 percent behind the states that declined to send voters information to the Trump administration; that information could very well be forwarded to Russia.

By the way, does Vladimir Putin have something so bad on Donald Trump that Trump is speculating firing Jeff Sessions (Attorney General), […]

Goldstein announces another run for Lebanon Supervisor

Dear Lebanon residents and voters:

I am running for another term as Town Supervisor and will be seeking the Democratic nomination of my party at the upcoming caucus in August as well as the independent line of a Farm Development/ Renewable Energy party to support these local initiatives at the town and county level.

I […]

No farms, food or America

Hobie Morris

By Hobie Morris

My beautiful wife Lois came up with the title of what follows. She and I are simple rural people whose best friends are neighboring family farmers. This article title should be indelibly imprinted in every American’s mind. It’s a truism that has incredible importance to every one of us.


LETTER: Tenney must act to stop health care sabotage

To the editor:

As House and Senate Republicans keep desperately trying to resurrect their devastating health care bills, President Trump made clear that he is going to take his frustration out on hardworking New York families by actively working to undermine the Affordable Care Act. After the repeal effort’s second Senate collapse, he explicitly told […]

College Democrats of New York name NY22 a priority race for 2018

Following the campaign announcement from Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi of Utica, the College Democrats of New York has named the 22nd Congressional District a ‘priority race’ for 2018, the first of the election cycle to receive this designation. Over the course of the campaign, CDNY will work more closely with College Democrats chapters in these […]

COLUMN: What the Faso-Collins Amendment Really Means for New York Taxpayers

by Evan Lukaske

For months, New York Republicans have used the Faso-Collins Amendment to justify their support for the cruel and destructive Republican repeal bill. With the amendment’s inclusion in the Senate repeal bill, the chest beating has only increased.

Unfortunately, facts and data directly refute their claims that the amendment would offer tax relief […]

GUEST COLUMN: Fighting for a free and open Internet

Eric T. Schneiderman

Buffering. Buffering. Buffering.

We’ve all had the frustrating experience of opening Netflix or Hulu and seeing the dreaded “Loading…” screen. That’s a warning sign of what life would be like if the federal government does away with vital net neutrality protections–allowing the broadband industry to put profits […]