LETTER: A letter to my Irish mother

A letter to my Irish mother

Dear Mom:

Today we would have celebrated your 85th birthday and perhaps as many as 10 more if you had not been misled by your surgeon. As much as I am sorry for the unnecessary suffering you had to endure for the remaining nine months of your life, […]

LETTER: Supports I-81 solution that benefits entire community

To the Editor:

Interstate 81 serves as a vital backbone for the economy of Onondaga County and, for decades, it has been an economic driver for the many towns and businesses that have grown around it. Recently, representatives of 11 hotels located along Interstate 81 sent a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo expressing our concerns about what a grid-only solution […]

GUEST COLUMN: On farms, every day is earth day

By Clark Putman, State Executive Director, New York Farm Service Agency; and Blake Glover, State Conservationist, Natural Resources Conservation Service

At USDA, we celebrate Earth Day 2019 by offering big thank-yous to farmers here in New York for all they do. Every day we see their efforts to conserve natural resources while producing food, […]

LETTER: Keeping Perspective

To the Editor:

Conservatives are supposed to be rational and level headed but that is not always the case. Let me tell you my story and decide for yourself.

New York state has changed its election law and now requires all political parties to collect nominating petitions in March. So, with this change, […]

LETTER: A Cut to the Bone: The Damaging Impacts of Proposed Medicaid Losses to New York’s Hospitals & Health Systems

To the Editor:

Unless the State Legislature acts, Governor Cuomo’s proposed state budget, coupled with the loss of federal matching funds, will mean New York’s hospitals and nursing homes will lose over $1 billion in Medicaid funding. This is the worst the health care industry has seen in nearly 10 years.

These proposed cuts […]

LETTER: Seventh-grader wants tobacco ads removed from local haunts

To the Editor:

Recently my family and I stopped for gas and snacks at a Circle K. On the window, I noticed two big tobacco signs.  They were colorful and attention-grabbing. My sister saw them and asked what they were. I had to explain to my 7-year-old sister that JUUL is a vape and […]

COLUMN: Musings of a Simple Country Man

He was a man amongst men: A true local February Civil War story

Hobie Morris

By Hobie Morris

For many years the handwritten letter is a treasured family keepsake. Then sadly it burned in a family farm house fire. The recipient of this letter is a Civil War soldier named Maurice Vaughan from this […]

LETTER: Whither Tom Boylan?

To the Editor:

Whither Tom Boylan?

In November 2017, Tom Boylan ran for Madison County Supervisor to represent Wards 4, 5 and 6 in the city of Oneida. I voted for Tom, and I’m a constituent.

At least I think I am.

Tom took office in January of 2018. His record of attendance and […]

LETTER: Are McConnell and colleagues involved in Russia scandal?

To the Editor:

Why would a Senate majority leader block a possible veto-proof Congress from opening the government?

The 800,000 people who are struggling without paychecks must be asking the same question.

In my opinion, the unrealistic border wall myth is a distraction from what many of us suspect: that some Republican members of […]

UPDATE: My trooper has been identified

COLUMN: The Human Condition

012519 08:53 a.m.: After some sleuthing the past couple of days, Captain Michael Teneyck of Troop T out of Syracuse tracked down the the guy who stopped to help me earlier this week.

Thanks go to Trooper Dylan Goodrich and a friend who saw the post on Facebook and […]

COLUMN: A Confederate Yankee


It was not long after we arrived that we heard that the spot with the action was along Unter den Linden. So, of course, as soon as we got a bit of time off, we hounded the “old hands” who’d been there before us to guide us to that storied venue.

Several of […]

GUEST COLUMN: A Lucky Viet Nam Moment

By Harry Hood

In Viet Nam I was in a battalion recognizance platoon. I had no rank. I was not even a squad leader, as I remember. Thus, I really had very little or no knowledge of where and what the platoon was doing, where were we going, what area were we to work […]