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Utica Residents Held Vigil for Imperiled Health Care System

Area Residents Call on Rep. Tenney to Fund Health Care, Not Tax Breaks for Wealthy

New York Citizens in Action held a vigil Thursday night at Oneida Square in Utica to bring attention to federal cuts to area hospitals, health care services, and safety net programs. Members of the community spoke of the grave consequences these cuts would have on their children and families.

Congress has failed to renew funding for critical health care programs like DSH (Disproportionate Share Hospital) and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), which jeopardizes access to health care for low and middle-income residents and threatens hospitals across the state. The deadline for the renewal of these programs was Oct. 1.

CHIP provides health care coverage for 350,000 children in the state. The loss of this funding puts children at risk and places an undue financial burden on struggling families.

“As a pediatrician, the fight for my patients’ healthcare coverage is personal. Children who have no insurance usually don’t have a medical home, and kids without a medical home are sick more often, (more…)

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