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Magee and Salka: The Race for NYAD121

By Morrisville State College Journalism Students

Editor’s note: This piece was submitted by Imani Hall on behalf of the Morrisville State College Journalism Program students. Co-Publisher Martha E. Conway is working for the Salka campaign; therefore, the staff of the Courier asked the Journalism Department at Morrisville State College to interview for endorsement the candidates for New York’s 121st Assembly District. We agreed to relinquish our control of the editorial content of Our Voice for this purpose; however, Hall wrote that the students “…chose not to endorse anybody. Instead we decided to write about both candidates. We concluded that the interviews we conducted didn’t provide us with enough to endorse one candidate over another.” The Courier offered to extend the deadline to allow students to make follow-up calls to candidates Bill Magee and John Salka; however, Marti Cecilia Howell-Collins, Ph.D., advising the group responded, “The students asked me prior to the interviews if they were required to endorse one candidate or the other. I told them they did not have to render an endorsement if they, in good conscience, could not make a reasoned argument to support one over the other. Given the time restraints on this project, I feel the students did as thorough a job as possible.” (more…)

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